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Winter Season: Enrollment Page

This is an enrollment page for all the Male and Female players in the season. More players will join as the start date approaches. Divisions will be created based upon skill level and gender on the kickoff day.

This is our inaugural attempt at running a Winter Season. We do NOT have any special deals with tennis clubs but players will report back to us what the deals are. A fraction of the matches will be played outdoors, but players should expect large costs to reserve indoor court time. Also a ton of players will join who have memberships at other clubs. 4 super long months where it's best to play before New Years because the courts are more available. If we don't get enough enrolled we will refund everyone or carry the reduced price entry forward to the Spring Season. This is for our hard core players and players who are use to playing indoors.
We do have this list of tennis clubs, but the info might need updates from the community: Chicago Tennis Clubs

League Starts: Nov. 27th, 2018

League Ends: Apr. 11th, 2019

Player Name W / L % of Games Home Court Legacy
P14 Open 0 - 0 0.000 (0-0) Open 0
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