Welcome to the
Chicago Tennis League

Welcome to the
Chicago Tennis League


Spring Doubles: Spring Doubles: Doubles Competitive 3.5

Spring Doubles has been kicked off. If you haven't received the kickoff email please email us and we'll resend. Each P# is based upon how the team is configured: P1's Men's, P2's Women's, P3's Mixed. Focusing on starting to play the team with the same P# might be the most fun initial match-ups. THERE WILL BE SEPARATE PLAYOFF DRAWS COME PLAYOFF TIME.
New teams can join over the next 3 weeks, so Join Today!

Playoff qualifiers for Championship (3 wins but 4 matches played by Jul. 23rd) :

J. Niekamp +2, K. Poropatich +1

Player Name W / L % of Games Home Court Legacy Matches
P26 Open 0 - 0 0.000 (0-0) Open 0
 Player has won a Championship
 Player of the Year
 Tennis Ladder Ranking
 Place on Legacy Wins
Daytime Player
Retired for the season
Total league matches for the player

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